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Join us in Philadelphia for this must-attend event for emerging franchisors. You’ll get access to a whole host of industry founders and principals who have been in your shoes, had their share of missteps and found success, sometimes the hard way. What they learned along the way can help you avoid making costly mistakes and can set you on the path to success.

For franchise founders and execs from new systems with less than 150 units:

For many emerging and growing franchisors, franchising represents an entirely new frontier.   Your past experience in your underlying business does little to illuminate a clear path in franchising.  You can’t rely on your instincts and street smarts to guide you, because franchising involves a complicated web of relationships that all need to be in tune at the same time.  Successful franchisors know that franchising is based on the execution of a strategy, not the accidental discovery of the right path.  Because franchising has become such a predominant distribution practice in so many different industries over the past 20 years, you can’t help but learn from the many examples of successful strategies that have helped others achieve their goals.

Even if you have a superior product or service that distinguishes your brand from the competition, and makes money, you still need to have great relationships with franchisees, service providers, the community, state regulators and customers to truly succeed.

Mature franchisors readily admit to the many mistakes they made along the way which created unnecessary delay and expense. If you meet more experienced franchisors earlier in the process, you can save yourself time and money.  Because the techniques and best practices are so radically different and foreseeable for emerging franchisor, we created this conference to help those in the early stages of franchising jump start their growth by having an opportunity to meet, interact and learn from experienced franchisor founders who have been in their shoes. At the Springboard Event for Emerging Brands, the “teachers” in one session are the “students” in another, and an interactive dialog will prevail which will be far more beneficial than any standard, canned presentation.

We took a holistic approach to the many disciplines which work together to create and operate a successful brand in an effort to understand when to implement the skills necessary to become a successful franchisor.  Many brands get only one chance and more fail in the process than succeed.   At this event you will learn how to mitigate those causes which are within the franchisor’s control and maximize the sharing of information and development of realistic expectations.


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