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What’s been said about the UnConference



“This event harkens back to the original idea of holding a conference: bringing the sharpest minds together to share strategies, fix problems, and seek solutions by discussing personal experiences.”

T.A. Seiber, Coleman Report


“With as many conferences offered for franchise executives, I have found the UnConference to be one of the most impactful and worthwhile. Having the ability to network and meet with premiere franchise executives in such a cool and casual atmosphere is priceless. This is an experience, not a convention!”

John Rotche, Title Boxing Club


“…a Franchising ecosystem that fosters the very essence of why we are all in this great business. That is, in sharing best practices and building life-long relationships among our peers, so that we can proliferate the qualities we all share: passion, energy, a desire to learn and improve, seeking the enjoyment and proper balance in LIFE!”

-Scott Schubiger, Lift Brands


“It’s a chance to share knowledge and re-engage in the topics that make franchising so exciting. Plus, it’s just a freakin’ fun time.”

Mark Kiekenapp, Kiekenapp and Associates


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